MOVIE REVIEW: Alita: Battle Angel

There Won’t Always Be An Introduction

When the poster says “From The Producer Of”, you always have to wonder about a movie because a movie producer isn’t necessarily a writer or director (it can be either or both or neither). Typically a producer is someone who has a creative role in the picture or a financial stake and I’m sure moneypeople are super creative but maybe not all the time.

Where I Saw It

Knowing absolutely nothing about this movie going in, I saw Alita: Battle Angel in the Dolby Cinema at the AMC Santa Anita 16. The only two choices I had were in 3D, so I saw it in 3D, which isn’t always my first choice and to be honest, I’m not sure 3D made a difference for this one.

Nuts & Bolts

Story was good, writing was ok (by that I mean dialogue was at times stilted and predictable). I only “rested my eyes” one time during this 9:30pm showing, not sure that’s a stunning indictment but it did get a little slow at one point.

Character development was solid, I cared about them and although the stakes were hard to figure out at first, they came into focus eventually. Casting was excellent featuring a good mix of Academy Award winners and unknowns. Score & soundtrack, well, it seemed more like sounds. The movie flowed and while there was a little tiny soft spot in the middle, I didn’t feel cheated during the 2:02 runtime and thankfully the credits were minimal which was a little surprising considering the CGI effects. ALL THE MONEY IS ON THE SCREEN which is nice considering the price of movies (making & going) these days.

Now To The Meat…

I liked the movie. I didn’t love it – it wasn’t life changing, but it was good enough for this time of year when Oscar movies are more interesting selections at the theater. Last year at this time we had Black Panther and the year before we had Deadpool. Those are important points since a sequel seems likely for Alita: Battle Angel and if they can get the cast back (I’m sure they signed, right?) I’m fairly confident Robert Rodriguez can craft Part 2 into something I’d be interested in seeing.

Grade: B, or 83 if you prefer numbers

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