TV REVIEW: Seinfeld S01E01: The Seinfeld Chronicles

There Won’t Always Be An Introduction

For whatever reason, and there are many, I had never seen a full episode of Seinfeld. Until February 26, 2019. Sure, there were clips through the years and of course it’s become an enduring part of popular culture and seems to be very quotable for an entire generation.

Where I Saw It

I’m sure it’s available everywhere and recordable from a variety of channels. I watched this episode on Hulu, which is commercial free on my current plan with them. It’s also in 16×9 format and a bit grainy by today’s high definition standards.

Nuts & Bolts

Going in I knew about the general premise of Seinfeld. Jerry is a comedian and he recounts his regular life onstage using the “Did you ever notice…” brand of comedy he and Larry David have made famous.

That being said, my general policy is that if during a half hour comedy, I laugh out loud one time, I’ll keep watching a show. Over time, if the laughs decrease and it becomes more like a job to watch a show I usually abandon it.

This episode, nearly 30 years old, had plenty of laughs – I’d say enough to keep watching. Again, this sounds silly because Seinfeld is in the pantheon of comedy shows.

Art Wolff directed this episode, the pilot of the series and by today’s standards the pilot director usually enjoys financial considerations for the life of series and into syndication. I don’t know what his deal was – he didn’t direct another episode of Seinfeld – but if the standard was in place in 1989 it could be the greatest show business move of all time.

Now To The Meat…

I liked the episode. This episode aired almost a year before the series continued on in 1990 and it stands the test of time. There were plenty of laughs to keep watching more episodes. Another general standard that I use when judging shows of older times is whether the characters having mobile phones would’ve made a difference in the comedy. It would not have and that’s good if you ask me.

Grade: A- or 91 if you prefer numbers