MOVIE REVIEW: Captain Marvel

There Won’t Always Be An Introduction

A little honesty here. Apparently there was some hullaballoo leading into this movie which I completely either ignored or didn’t understand. Not sure what the issue is, no one has a problem with Wonder Woman. That being said, I had been forever confused by Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel aka Shazam, Mar-Vell and Marvel Comics. In the future, try not to name your characters after your organization. There are other words out there. Now that we are past this and into a brave new future, let me just say that Captain Marvel is a really good movie.

Where I Saw It

I saw Captain Marvel in “The IMAX 2D Experience” at AMC Santa Anita. Halfway up, on an aisle which is where you can usually find me. More and more I’m glad 3D isn’t being pushed on us except as a niche option. I did learn that on a busy night you can park on the roof of the structure rather than hunt for that perfect spot down below.

Nuts & Bolts

I’m going to do a separate post on it, but I believe Marvel is trying to kill the movie trailer. It’s not a twist if you outright lie to the public and then switch it up in the film. That’s my only real major quibble with Captain Marvel. The lesser being the inclusion of “Doll Parts” on the soundtrack – I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Writing and story were perfectly fine. Score & soundtrack were excellent. I thought direction and editing were great, flow was good and I never yawned – which is high praise. I cared about the characters, once I figured out everyone’s role.

Now To The Meat…

My plan is to always stay pretty much spoiler free. Not everyone schedules seeing a movie at the earliest possible time slot, so I want you to read my review – get a sense – then go see it for yourself someday.

I will admit I was worried that Brie Larson would only speak in short sentences as has been shown in the trailers. This is not the case in the movie. She is perfectly fine with her dialogue and execution. It was believable and I felt the stakes as razor thin as they were.

One big point I think everyone has missed is that this is a huge Nick Fury movie. Fury plays a role not too unlike that of Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok. Huge exposition on Fury’s past and motivations about his future exploits are given context and substance. I came away with a much different outlook on Nick Fury and I’m sad that while he’s been there or in the background for 20+ Marvel movies past, it took until now to get a clearer picture of what makes Nick tick.

Captain Marvel seemed like one of the shorter Marvel movies and I’ll be interested to see what scenes they left on the cutting room floor. The moviegoers next to me commented several times about how it could’ve gone longer and I think so as well. I hope they didn’t trim key shots out for pacing, but we shall see. It paced fine. I found the movie to complete from beginning to middle to end and it is infinitely rewatchable.

I’ve had trouble in the past ranking Marvel movies on my personal scale, so I won’t do that anymore.

Grade: A, or 94 if you prefer numbers

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