Day 1 with HBO MAX

Today is launch day for HBO Max. These are my initial thoughts as I poke around through the service. I will be using the Apple TV version of the app formerly known as HBO NOW.

Since this supplanted HBO NOW completely I figured a good way to get a lay of the land would be to re-add series & favorite movies/movies I’m interested in to my Watch List.

The TV list was impressive, containing mostly HBO favorites, newer CW shows and a fair amount of British programming. I added The Wire (maybe I need to revisit Season 1) and Band of Brothers (a contender for some of the greatest TV of all time). I did not find 1st & Ten, which ran on HBO from 1984-1991 but I did see The Larry Sanders Show which is among the funniest creations I have ever seen.

On the movie side, I need to be honest. My hand got tired adding movies to my watch list to the point where I had to take a break after A-M. Now, it’s my fault for not going through the list by genre or by collections (all of Harry Potter or all of Aliens). After awhile I went back and added in selections from N-Z. Needless to say there is much to choose from.

One feature I miss already from HBO NOW is a separate area for the Watch List arranged in a grid pattern. With the volume of content, I would also appreciate being able to at least segregate movies from TV. Your favorites appear in a linear fashion and endless scrolling is in your future for now.

I was about to say everything is organized in an easy to understand way. Then I discovered I wasn’t seeing any HBO Comedy Specials. The ones through the years, many of which made careers (or resuscitated them). They weren’t in the A-Z list, they aren’t considered Series or Movies or Originals. You have to go to Comedy and then across to Specials. Many are there, many are not there like the great George Carlin as an example. I’m sure that many omissions, in all categories, are because of complex rights agreements. It’s not too unlike when you’re listening to a soundtrack on a streaming music service and they have the rights to 10 of the 12 tracks, so it’s there but incomplete.

I can go on and on about whats missing and to be quite honest, I’ll let the other bloggers handle that. Is it worth it? How do you value a streaming service. The Golden Dream has always been the same: What do I want to watch? Can I watch it now. Of course, this just adds to the overall library. I’m spending just over $100 on “streaming content”. Is it everything and just how I want it? It’s getting closer.