Quick Hits: Defending Jacob, Shameless Season 10, Love Life

Defending Jacob: Season 1 (Apple TV+)

Finished Season 1 of Defending Jacob (or the only season as they claim it’s a “Limited Series”) earlier this week on the little talked about Apple TV+ service. ATV+ is $5 a month and it comes free for a year with most Apple hardware purchases. Anyways, it stars Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey), Chris Evans (Captain America) and up and comer Jaeden Martell (It, Knives Out). Basic story is that Martell plays Jacob Barber, a kid who is accused of murdering another kid on the way to school. It’s tense and gripping in the style of Breaking Bad and I got an additional vibe of 13 Reasons Why. Cherry Jones is a pleasant surprise, as she always is, as Jacob’s lawyer and nice to see Pablo Schreiber as the prosecutor in the case. Pablo stars in the greatest heist movie of all time, Den of Thieves. Defending Jacob is strong in the fact that it isn’t many episodes (8), it gets to it and is an easy binge. Grade: B- (81)

Shameless: Season 10 (Showtime)

Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) has left the building completely and as you can imagine, the hijinks ensue. Season 10 of the US version of Shameless is solid however the best quick review I can give is that I watched 5 episodes, got distracted and came back to finish the last 7 a few months later. I had the time, it just didn’t float to the top for me. The cast is strong, the writing is stronger. You think when a show loses one of its top line stars its doomed but not this time. Season 10 was solid front to back and I think they told complete stories this season, which I appreciate. Grade: A- (92)

Love Life: First 6 Episodes (HBO Max)

Ok so this is for the first 6 episodes of HBO Max original series Love Life starring Anna Kendrick. The show follows Darby Carter as she recounts/relives/recalls her past relationship successes and failures. It’s a cute show for sure and I love the year-specific pop culture references. The final 3 episodes are arriving soon and while I probably won’t review the full season separately it’s a suitable romantic drama-com. Kendrick is solid – she’s a movie actress doing short-form here – but she has a powerful presence and carries the story. Grade for the first 6: B+ (88)