What I Saw In 2021: 39 Movie Quick Reviews

I saw 39 movies in 2021. Not very many and to be honest this number doesn’t include rewatches of Classics. Still though, far off my recent high of 85 in 2013. I’ll try harder for 2022, but for now a blurb on each movie I saw last year (full list here).

January thru June

St. Elmo’s Fire: Liked it for the nostalgia of the time.

Annie Hall: Liked it. Love Diane Keaton, always have (except for The Godfathers which we can discuss later).

The Midnight Sky: Really enjoyed this – even considering it’s a Netflix movie and most of those are trash.

Locked Down: You can’t fault Chiwetel Ejiofor or Anne Hathaway for making the best of a tired concept.

Midnight Cowboy: So edgy. I guess you’re here for the performances which are first rate.

Nomadland: I liked it and of course it was Best Picture. I liked how it told stories we’d not seen before.

The Sure Thing: A Classic. Low key Christmas Movie. One of my Top 100 which I will release someday.

Promising Young Woman: Newish story idea, great writing and performances.

News of the World: A bright spot in Tom Hanks’ recent era which has seen some clunkers.

The Trial of the Chicago 7: I don’t usually like Aaron Sorkin penned productions but this one was mildly refreshing.

Palm Springs: Don’t ask me why but I watched this, got sidetracked and finished it like a week later. It’s really good!

Zack Snyder’s Justice League: I watched it cause I felt like I had to. That’s the review.

Kid 90: Lived amongst these times and I saw a lot of recognizable characters. Its a documentary right?

Made You Look – A True Story About Fake Art: I try and mix in a healthy amount of docs each year.

A-Bombs Over Nevada: This was a strange run I was on of documentaries.

Godzilla vs Kong: Barf. So many wrong things. Please don’t make any more of these for a long time.

Banksy and the Rise of Outlaw Art: Pretty good. Great would be actually hearing from Banksy.

Without Remorse: Someone needs to reboot the Tom Clancy-verse. This isn’t horrible but I wouldn’t watch it again.

Infinite: Definitely the best Antoine Fuqua directed Paramount+ movie of the year. It was watchably good!

F9 – The Fast Saga: At this point we’re just consuming movies about cars. Remember gas powered cars?

July thru December

The Tomorrow War: Love any time travel concept and this one was solid. They won’t make more but they should.

Black Widow: Might be my least favorite MCU movie. Probably need to rewatch it a dozen more times though.

How It Ends: I could be LA-snippy about this one but I’m good with one Covid allegory film for 2021.

Jungle Cruise: Audiences loved it I just wish I did. I’m having a real problem believing in The Rock as a movie star.

Woodstock 99 – Peace Love and Rage: I remember the time period and why I don’t attend festivals in upstate NY.

The Suicide Squad: Definitely the SportsCenter of comic book movies. All highlights. Need to rewatch.

No Time To Die: It was a touch long but it hit all the right fan service notes. Needs 500% more Ana de Armas.

The Many Saints of Newark: This movie was awful and if you loved The Sopranos please don’t watch this movie.

Shang-Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings: My favorite Marvel movie of the past few years. Feel energized after every watch and I can’t say that about a lot of pictures.

Free Guy: This was a fun one even though I didn’t get 30% of the video game references. Very rewatchable.

Enormous – The Gorge Story: Didn’t care for it, but I saw it with some good friends and that’s all that counts.

Dune: I had to rewatch the first 10 minutes a few times but by the end I wanted at least 2 more Dune movies.

Eternals: Its a masterpiece for sure and I’ll rewatch it but its not on streaming or vod yet – wait is this 2019?

Venom – Let There Be Carnage: This movie is trash. I guess I don’t get the Venom attraction.

House of Gucci: It was entertaining, until I dozed off halfway through and didn’t have the energy to wind back and see what I missed.

Love Actually: I guess I try and watch one Christmas movie each year I haven’t seen. I identified most with the Prime Minister of England. So there’s that.

Spider-Man – No Way Home: 1) It’s really good, 2) TH Spidey is growing up, 3) But its a bit corny, 4) But thats ok, 5) So we’ll see won’t we?

The Matrix – Resurrections: The 1st Act was great, the 2nd Act wasn’t and the 3rd Act I thought was cut short maybe and I’d like to see an Extended Director’s Cut cause I think there’s some story missing.

Don’t Look Up: This movie is so much fun but also so dark. So, so dark. But fun also.

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