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Media Week In Review: January 3-9, 2022

Media Week In Review: January 3-9, 2022

Still working on the title, but the intention is in the right place. Short of daily updates (which i encourage you to find on our Twitter account), weekly summaries seem best for now.

Monday was solid…

I want to reflect a bit on the Yellowstone season 4 finale from the night before. I enjoy the show but its not for everybody and certainly I don’t think for casual tv viewers. It gets rough and most folks who check into network shows probably aren’t ready for Yellowstone. As for Monday, big day as I watched Licorice Pizza which was pretty good. The characters and story were well-formed, the song selection was right for the era and I’ll show my So Cal bias a bit – the locations and attitudes of folks from this area, industry people, was spot on. I really enjoyed the movie. For the rest of the day I watched more episodes of Law & Order. I’m rewatching the entire 20-season run of Law & Order – I won’t finish by the time season 21 premieres in February – but I’m making a good effort. This watch/rewatch is borne out of my feelings that tv and movie content as a whole are qualitatively subpar lately. I’m into season 8 and there hasn’t been a single clunker. I capped the night watch Star Trek: Enterprise’s series premiere. I had remembered bits of it but was confusing with a ST movie so I wanted to reconfirm it in my mind.

yellowstone season 4
The cast of Yellowstone

The Rest of the Week Wasn’t Spectacular…

Tuesday I had to work so besides my usual morning episode of CNBC’s Halftime Report, I was only able to catch the newest episode of FBI after I got home.

book of boba fett
The Book of Boba Fett
cnbc halftime report

Wednesday morning I managed to see the 2nd episode of The Book of Boba Fett. The series premiere was so sloggy I didn’t feel the need to stay up all night for the midnight premiere of #2 but the 2nd chapter was pretty incredible and I’m back on board with this show.

Thursday I was able to burn through the 3-episode One Chicago shows, thanks to Hulu and not having to skip over commercials, you can get through 3 hours of content is just over 2 hours of actual time. My work event got canceled so I used the time wisely – finishing up season 7 of Law & Order.

law and order season 7 carey lowell hubba hubba
Is Carey Lowell single? Just curious.

Friday saw more Law & Order and some YouTube content. Getting the no-commercials plan on YouTube is a low-key way of having a very productive streaming experience.

Saturday I didn’t watch much besides football and of course whatever I watch at my day job.

Sunday I managed to catch up with Seal Team (which might be nearing its end, the profanity being on Paramount Plus has gone up 1000% but this latest episode was sort of a bottle episode). Also on P+ was the 4th episode of 1883 which you have to love if you’re even slightly interested in Yellowstone. There’s something about Sam Elliott telling you he’s gonna burn down your wagon unless you leave the piano behind. Apparently it makes the wagon too heavy for a river crossing. Who knew?

Ok that’s this past week.